Navigating MidJourney: V4

As the designated artist round these here parts (and isn't that a strange role for me to have fallen into. Also, proof that if you live long enough, you change profoundly) I've been playing with MidJourney for fun and profit for a few months now. Time flies. As does fruit if you propel it fast... Continue Reading →

When Life Interrupts

First off, I want to thank Sarah for filling in for me last week. There was absolutely no way I could have put together anything close to coherent. The last three weeks (as of tomorrow) have seen me spending way too many hours at the hospital and rehab. Mom fell--she's going to be fine--but there... Continue Reading →

Cover Art Tool: MidJourney

I had first heard about this particular AI art tool a few weeks ago, but I've been aware of the useful things AI can do for an artist for some time. I've dabbled in a few programs, looked closely at one in particular (which needs a much more powerful graphics card than even my gaming-level... Continue Reading →

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