Wow, what a week!

And it's only Tuesday. Even though I've been keeping my head down in an attempt to finish getting Jaguar Bound ready for release, the ripples in the universe became so strong, I had to find out what was going on. Imagine my surprise (well, not really) to find an article in GQ castigating guys because... Continue Reading →

The Core of Science Fiction

Overnight, I find, there has been a controversy erupt on the internet. Well, this is hardly new. Ah, but you see, this has to do with SF. Oh, you say, the SFWA again? No, it's the boy witless wonder once more. Now I see, you reply, and this is why you aren't providing a link,... Continue Reading →

Literature at School

If you were to sign up for a literature class in college, what would you expect? Other than the obvious political/social slant, that is. Wouldn’t you expect to be studying, well, words on a page? I’m here to tell you that is changing. I don’t know how long ago this came into being, I am... Continue Reading →

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