I’m back. Sort of

The title says it all. After several weeks of enforced absence from the keyboard, I've been released to very limited work. Because of that, I'm trying something new this morning. I'm using handwriting-to-text conversion on my iPad Pro. It is slower, mainly because I'm trying to make sure the conversion isn't too for out in... Continue Reading →

It is time to fight back

Almost a month to the day when it was announced John Ringo would NOT be a Guest of Honor at ConCarolinas, Origins Gaming Fair decided it wanted to play too. First it announced Larry Correia would be its literary guest of honor. Then, very shortly after that, the invitation was revoked. All signs indicate the... Continue Reading →

Cranky Writer is, well, cranky

When I went to bed last night, I knew exactly (kind of, sort of) what I was going to write about this morning. It was a toss-up between a post on some comments about the cover of Black Tide Rising, an anthology based on John Ringo's  series of books, and a response to an article... Continue Reading →

Science Fantasy

While it seems contrary, there really is a subgenre of science fiction where magic and science occupy the same plane. For about a decade, from roughly 1965-1975, there was a spate of books published by authors like Arthur Landis and Christopher Stasheff that blended the two into a harmonious whole. In a recent conversation, Christopher... Continue Reading →

A Fresh Look

Cedar here: I've been a bit overwhelmed with school and work this week, so when Sanford emailed me this I was delighted. Not just because it meant less work for me, but because we talk all the time, and this has been a topic recently. When is it time to stop? Do you leave them... Continue Reading →

Humor in Writing

Yesterday my body switched to “off” and left me feeling as though I couldn’t think straight, much less write. Sanford Begley offered to step up and write something for the Mad Genius Clubbers, which was very noble of him, considering he is somewhere at the headwaters of the River Nile when it comes to admitting... Continue Reading →

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