F%$K me, SFWA, One More Time

*eyeroll* SFWA's getting involved? On the side of Hachette, obvs.    Nothing like supporting the pimp and dissing the girls.   What? I give you pleasure, you give me money. What does that make me?    Only... I don’t have a middleman over my head taking most of my money. I’m a free girl.   ... Continue Reading →

Who are the real gatekeepers?

Over the last couple of days, I've seen a number of posts by authors from both sides of the traditional vs. indie publishing discussion (yes, I'm being nice here. In most cases, discussion doesn't exactly describe the content. Argument or even screaming hissy fit usually comes closer). This comes on top of a long thread... Continue Reading →

Luxurious Libraries

I opened a fortune cookie one morning, having forgotten it the night before, and read that “You will be surrounded by things of luxury.” I couldn’t argue with this, I was going to be spending my day at a library surrounded by books. That got me thinking on how the status of books has changed,... Continue Reading →

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