Starship Troopers: Book vs Movie

I'm a little late this morning, and I have no other excuse than that I'm still recovering from a busy week. I have no excuse because I didn't write today's post. Instead, I shamelessly begged for it from my friend and budding-writer-with-great-promise Jason Fuesting. He made the mistake of mentioning what his final paper for... Continue Reading →

Gold-Plated Misogynist

(I am reblogging this from Cedar's blog this morning. First, I agree with everything she says. Second, I will admit that my mind is not on blogging today. In just a few hours, my son will be home for the first time in more than a year and, well, that takes precedence over everything. I... Continue Reading →

Walking the Plank

Today, I am a pirate, Arrr! where's my cutlass? You may be laughing (which was my intent), but I actually feel pretty badly about it. I accidentally bought two pirated books. I wasn't on a pirate site, I was on Amazon. I saw two Heinlein titles on sale, and I pounced on them as I'm... Continue Reading →

Why I’m a Human Waver

by Amanda S. Green Before I get started, let me give you a quick update. We've been in negotiations with a certain kilt-wearing raccoon for the release of Kate, but those negotiations aren't going very far. He keeps wanting more pie and a certain evil penguin keeps hijacking the pie truck. Anyway, we are confident... Continue Reading →

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