What are they thinking?

I've been busy this past week trying to finish the novel I'm working on as well as working on edits for NRP. So I'll admit I haven't been online as much as I usually am and, judging by some of the stories I've read this morning trying to prepare for this post, it's probably a... Continue Reading →

A few links of interest

I'll try to get back with a "real" post later today, but I have to run out of here shortly for a doctor's appointment and, duh, I forgot to write my post last night. In the meantime, with a hat tip to Cedar Sanderson and J. Michael Antoniewicz II for two of the following links.... Continue Reading →

Fifty Shades of Yawn

All right, I'll admit it. I finally gave into curiosity and read those books. You know what books I'm talking about. The books the media and publishing have been pushing as the next greatest thing around. The "mommy porn" books. Yep, that's right. Despite having already read the sample of the first book in the... Continue Reading →

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