Jaguar Rising Release Day!

It's release day for Jaguar Rising. After a short delay and more than a few twists and turns in the plot I didn't anticipate, it's finally here! Well, the e-book version is. The print version is still a day or two away from release, depending on how long Amazon takes to complete the review process.... Continue Reading →

And Another thing

Tomorrow is the big day! The newest children's book is going live... One Hungry Werewolf and Other Monstrous Rhymes will be available in print and ebook. Which leaves me sitting here thinking about what's up next. I have plans for more children's books, and the live chat last night consisted of more than one person... Continue Reading →

Christmas Magic is Live!

This was one of those stories that demanded to be written. Set in the Eerie Side of the Tracks universe, Christmas Magic takes place between Witchfire Burning and Light Magic. It was fun to write because I really love Quinn and the other characters in the story. It is now available for download from Amazon.... Continue Reading →

Think first

Oh my. I'm not sure I dare even try to do a post today. How can I follow Dave's post yesterday? I don't know whether to smack his sad puppy nose with a rolled up newspaper or just give in to the laughter. Maybe both. VBEG. Add to that a laptop that has decided it... Continue Reading →

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