On Covers and Cheating

The Internet is a glorious thing. Recently I was mourning the loss of a treasured paperback, an edition of┬áNorthanger Abbey┬ádating from the heyday of the '70's Gothic romance. But all I really wanted was the cover -- the text was, after all, exactly the same as it is in my three other editions of the... Continue Reading →

Adding the Sizzle

There was an advertising saying somewhen, I don't recall where I first heard it, that you aren't selling the steak, you're selling the sizzle. Needless to say, making books smoke and sizzle isn't the way to sell them, but adding some polish is. To return to the metaphor I started exploring last week, of books... Continue Reading →

Get a Blurb

Blurb always sounds to me like an onomatopoeia. This is a word that should mean something like the last sound you make as you are drowning, as the bubble of air leaves your lungs and breaks to the surface... blurb. Instead, it's not that bad but it feels that way. I can't count how many... Continue Reading →

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