Experimental Books

Sometimes you have to experiment a little. So that's what this is. Earlier this month I launched Fantasy Treehouse Art & Architecture, which is an art book, a coloring book, a design idea book... and it's got fairies. I had a lot of fun putting the project together, but ultimately? It's a very niche book,... Continue Reading →

I did a thing(s)

This morning, rather than having too few topics, I had too many. I'll start off with the second volume of the hunting anthologies. The Deer Shot Back launched a little rocky - the paperback version is still not live, more than 48 hours into the process - but the ebook is doing just fine as... Continue Reading →

Inktail, Too

*peers at readers through screen* Sorry, for two things. One: I know the majority of you are not here for children's books, coloring books, or the illustrations. Two: I can't have coffee. I'm apologizing more for the second than the first. I'm not sure how I feel about it, yet. But I'd been having weird... Continue Reading →

Non-Traditional Books

I'm breaking traditions left and right in this post. For one thing, it's a how-to on making a very different kind of book, and it's also a tutorial on how to offer a free ebook. I hadn't planned on the second part until yesterday, when something that seemed straightforward took a hard left turn and... Continue Reading →

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