What do you want?

That question, or some variation of it, is one we hear too many times to count during the course of our lives. What do you want to eat? What do you want to do? What do you want to be when you grow up? What do you want to come from X, Y or Z?... Continue Reading →

What to do? What to do?

As Dave alluded to yesterday, Sarah threw down the challenge gauntlet over the weekend. She tagged Dave, Kate and myself and "asked" which of us would be the first to fisk the article Dave linked to about publishers hiring "sensitivity readers". Fortunately, Dave beat me to it. However, that doesn't mean I don't have a... Continue Reading →

It is a business. . .

So treat it as one. Yesterday, as I was looking at FB, I came across a post from someone I respect a great deal. He also has one of the most unverifiable jobs there is in publishing. No, not reading the slush pile, although that is part of his job. He has taken it upon himself... Continue Reading →

Do you need an agent?

There is no doubt that publishing is changing. E-book sales continue to grow by triple digit percentages each quarter. More and more authors are wading into self-publishing, something that used to be the kiss of death. Imprints are being killed off by publishers or merged with others, even as publishers are looking at mergers with... Continue Reading →

Is it time for Atlas to Shrug?

Over the last few weeks, my posts here have focused on the Department of Justice's antitrust filings against Apple and five of the big six publishers. It's hard to think about the state of the publishing industry and not wonder how the suit, the settlement three of the defendants have already agreed to as well... Continue Reading →

Another Nail in the Coffin

by Amanda S. Green I'm a little late posting this morning and I apologize.  I'd really planned on putting up an open thread today, but a couple of articles caught my eye during the wee hours of the morning as I was trying to convince the scaredy dog (yes, that is a word and the... Continue Reading →

And the winner is . . .

by Amanda S. Green That's the answer to the question everyone is asking right now.  The question, of course, is who wins in the e-book revolution. This post sort of piggy-backs onto Sarah's post from yesterday, but it is also inspired by a thread on the Amazon kindle boards I read yesterday.  Simply put, the... Continue Reading →

Harry Potter, Borders, Agents and More

by Amanda S. Green The last couple of weeks in the publishing industry have been interesting.  Of course, "interesting" can mean a number of different things -- and does -- whenever applied to publishing. The REALLY BIG NEWS, at least in that it answered what had become one of the most asked questions the last... Continue Reading →

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