Software to write by?

We've all heard of software designed to help us produce a fully-fledged book rather than just a document.  Scrivener is one of the best known;  it has tools to "manage the writing environment" rather than just write. It seems there's a new product on the market.  I haven't tried it yet, but it sounds promising.... Continue Reading →

Atticus: A New Alternative for Writers

I'll admit it. I'm a card-carrying, loud and proud supporter of Vellum. I recommend it to all my friends. It does everything I want when it comes to formatting a book for publication. It doesn't matter whether you are doing an e-book or print version. Vellum has you covered. Except. . .it is Mac only.... Continue Reading →

How Do You Read Your Books?

I'm going to be honest. I don't have time to do a post this morning and I forgot about doing it last night. In a couple of hours, I'm heading off to the North Dallas area (never fun. Traffic is never good there) to take Mom for a procedure on her back. It should be... Continue Reading →

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