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Quick addendum to Peter Grant’s Lessons

Three and a half years of my Author Rank in Science Fiction. It’s pretty obvious when I am publishing in quick sequence, and when there a long stretch of nothing.

At least the dips are getting higher, and not crashing back to the bottom anymore.

It’s Alive! It’s Alive!

It’s Alive It’s Alive!
Pam Uphoff

Yet another novel in my Wine of the Gods series has gone live! Number 37!

Now this isn’t a proper series, there’s no over-arching problem that will be solved in the final volume, which might or might not keep readers returning. This is a “same Universe, same characters plus new ones, and a brand new Problem that will be solved in one or two books.”

I’ve often thought of it as a Soap Opera, never ending . . .

But how the heck do you know a series has gone flat? Died on the vine? Read more

Sad Tales of a Prepper

I grew up in the Cold War.

Duck and Cover Drills at school in California were for the nuclear war. Here in Texas they do the same thing, but they call them Tornado Drills.

Anyhow, between earthquakes where I was from and hurricanes, tornadoes, and ice storms where I’ve now lived for well over half my life, I just naturally drifted into the Prepper circles. Read more

Fifth Friday!


And for your Reading Pleasure . . .





From Peter Grant:…/dp/B07D1S38RJ/ 





And new from Dorothy Grant:








And a FREE BOOK!!! from Cedar Sanderson:…/dp/B01JD1PGB4








And also Free, a Space Opera from Pam Uphoff:



I do a lot of multiple point of view books. A lot of multiple thread books.
Unfortunately I’m not sure I do it well.

Might be a matter of never having taken an English class since I was in high school, and never having taken a creative writing class ever.

So, here I am laid up by a muscle cramp of all things, and not able to sit at the desk for very long.

In fact, kicked back on the couch with foot elevated seems to be the order of the day . . . well, week. So I started rereading David Weber’s Safehold series. Now for a moderately successful writer . . . well, let’s just say the shear competency of the man’s writing is humbling.

Let me try to explain how I see the threads of a story. Read more

Getting Back Together

Once upon a time . . . I wrote big complex novels with multiple POV’s and groups of characters going off in different directions and doing all sorts of interesting things, before they came back together for the final battle.

Now I seem to be writing shorter works with fewer detours and side threads.

Oh, I know why I started writing short. Read more

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do


I like a good ellipsis . . . but perhaps a 167 of them in a work that is (so far) sixteen thousand words long is a bit much . . .

And then there’s commas, 759.
Periods. 1315.
Semicolons; 2? Only Two?
Em dash—26.
Paragraphs. 708.
Double paragraphs for blank line. 36.
Scene breaks *** 12.
Chapters. 10.

Without these little nuisances all our beautiful words would just run together into an unintelligible wall of words. We need breaks, but where do you put them? Read more