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For anyone unfamiliar with the term, that’s National Novel Writing Month.

November of every year.

NaNo is a rah rah, gung ho support for fast writing. A site that’ll graph your writing and cheer you on, or nag you, about how you are doing toward writing FIFTY THOUSAND WORDS IN A MONTH!

Seven years ago I thought that was impossible . . . but I gave it a try anyway. Read more


A Blast From the Past
MGC 12/19/2014


Two decades ago, I injured my right hand. Good doctors, good hospital, good antibiotics, brutal physical therapists . . .

I never think about it. Until I try to eat with chopsticks. Something in the motion finds a hidden weakness, and by the time I’d finished dinner yesterday, well, “survived without having to shamefully ask for a fork” pretty much sums up my relief.

I suspect we all have hidden weaknesses. Physical, mental, emotional. Sometimes just hidden from outsiders, sometimes hidden from ourselves

Our written characters need those as well Read more

Working the Stereotypes


Diversity’s the big issue in fiction these days.

Well, not really. The howling mobs of the perpetually offended only care about race and sex. Of the author, and of the characters.

True diversity of thoughts and emotions, behavior, opinions, and politics? The mob doesn’t seem to care. But most readers do. They don’t want every character to be the same, except for details of hair, eye, and skin color. A good story is the story of human interactions, even in a book full of running gunfights and explosions. Read more

Hurricane Basics for Newbies

So, all you central East Coasties ready?

No? Is this your first time? Well, relax. It’s just the biggest whooping wind and rainstorm you’ve ever seen. Read more

Has KULL Killed My Sales?

I hear this all the time. Let me answer this graphically:

No! As a complete unknown, the ability of readers to try my books at no additional cost has tripled–or more–my sales. I mean, can it really be a coincidence that the start of the KULL program just accidentally happened at the same time as that leap in sales?


If you are a well known writer with huge sales numbers, perhaps it’s different. Of course, you’re probably not reading this blog either, but . . .

New Release

Ebsa’s in semi-quarantine along with the rest of Project Dystopia, until TPTB decide they haven’t brought along any giant spiders or rats the size of elephants.

And while they’re stuck on the Embassy World, a cookoff and fair seems like a good idea. What could go wrong?

If you’re looking for a quick light read, this novella is just right!

Why There’s No Magic

Okay, the weird writer mind has had too much caffeine. Or sugar. Bear with me.

Back in the Dark Ages, when I was playing D&D regularly, there was a problem with Wizards. Once they got up a few levels, they just blew everything away. On thinking about it, I realized this was why there was no real magic in the real world. You think we’re dangerous, with a few (tens of thousands) nuclear missiles? How about millions of magicians playing with the Laws of Physics?

Yep. That’s what happened to Atlantis. Read more