>Words, the writer’s tools …

>I've spent the last two days working 12 hours straight, teaching and marking. Before that, like Dave, I've been madly writing in every spare moment. I am so deep into The Outcast trilogy that I can't read any other books, or I will forget where I am in approx 2,100 pages of story with 4... Continue Reading →

>To start again

>So I turned the latest book (DOG AND DRAGON) in on Wednesday. At some stage Toni will read it, and hopefully like it. At some stage the Australian Dollar will strengthen to a 10 year peak and I will get paid. Currency manipulators could hire me. For a day or two I just had pure... Continue Reading →

>Sunday Morning Thoughts

>I'll admit it, I'm exhausted both mentally and physically this morning. For those of you who read my personal blog or who have seen my posts on Facebook, you know that this has not been a restful Spring Break. Oh, don't get me wrong. I love it when my son comes home from college. But... Continue Reading →

>Titanic Theory of Writing

>I've been amusing myself again by doing writing analogies. This time it's the Titanic Theory of Writing - or specifically, how to manage your 'ship' without hitting an ice-berg and having your writing productivity plummet to zero (with a few ideas fleeing in the lifeboats).In this case the icebergs are a handy analogy for creative... Continue Reading →

>What do you do?

>What do you do when you're overloaded, and there's not one damn thing you can do to take some of the pressure off?Yeah, that's right. The post I was going to write has gone bye-bye in the wake of a minor meltdown set off by a string of mostly minor things that just built up... Continue Reading →

>A Funny Thing Happened

>I’ve been meaning to announce, only life keeps interfering, that I sold Sword and Blood, under the pen name Sarah Marques to Prime Books.Why a pen name is tied up with “what is sword and blood.”I suppose only a few of you know my very first sale was Thirst, a vampire short story, back in... Continue Reading →

>Ten Traits of Creative People

>I write so much about creativity is because the subject fascinates me. I came across this post by Liz Strauss on why creative folk drive us crazy. In it she dissects a section from Dr Mihaly Csikszentmikalyi's book Creativity: Flow and the Psychology of Discovery and Invention. The section deals with the 10 dimensions of... Continue Reading →

>Dog and Dragon… slowly

>I've just finished my first run through DOG AND DRAGON, and it grew by 1500 words. I am just starting on B's corrections - which will improve it a lot and grow it by several thousand more. I'm suffering from the post-partum stages already. I know by tomorrow, or the day after, I'll think it... Continue Reading →

>What is a book?

>Back in January, I posed this question over on The Naked Truth. I thought it might be time to look at the question again, especially in light of Random House's decision to go with the agency model, the inquiries into whether or not the agency model is legal -- not only here but in Great... Continue Reading →

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