>Knowing the Rules

>Apologies for the late post. This past week has been an adventure -- not -- in trying to get online. I'm about to make another call to tech support once I manage to publish this post.Today's post is going to be a bit different from what I usually post on Sundays. It stems from something... Continue Reading →

>Nocturnal Origins

>That thud you heard the other day was the sound of my jaw dropping to the ground when my bosses at Naked Reader Press informed me that they'd just done something and really didn't care if I liked it or not. I don't know about you, but when the bosses tell me something like that,... Continue Reading →

>The Fantasy Foliage Dilemma

> I have been plotting a new fantasy novel lately, and have run into a familiar dilemma. In describing the natural environment, do I fall back on the typical earthly descriptions i.e. elms, oaks, willows etc or do I create a completely new ecology?This is a kind of a double dilemma for me because I... Continue Reading →

>Let’s Talk About the Weather

>I'm sitting here writing this (Wednesday night) and wondering if my husband will make it home. It's been mixed snow, rain, and every possible combination of the two all day, so the roads are... interesting, and conditions are deteriorating.Where this gets interesting, and ties into writing, is that a little over five years ago this... Continue Reading →

>Names, I’ve Had a Few

>*but then again too few NOT to mention*I’ve been aware for some time that I don’t have a fandom as such – I have multiple fandoms. Some number of fans read everything I write that they can locate, no matter under which name, no matter what the subject matter. They will as cheerfully tuck into... Continue Reading →

>Comes the e-book Avalanche?

>You know with your average avalanche, just before it happens, nothing much seems to be amiss. Maybe a little slip here or there, but generally those tens or hundreds of thousands of tons of snow or rock or mud that will move in a chaos of destruction look as mobile as the mountains themselves (yes... Continue Reading →

>Open Thread

>Good morning, everyone. Apologies for being late getting this up but I'm moving slowly this morning. In case you haven't noticed over the last couple of Saturdays, we're trying something different. We're going to use our Saturday Morning Posts to help promote our work. What that means is you'll be seeing snippets, con schedules and... Continue Reading →

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