>Telling Fortunes

>Cross my palm with silver. More silver. Um... let’s try platinum.Oh, there it is, I see now. The future is coming into focus: Any of you who really want to be successful at writing and who are willing to fight enough for it, will make it. Oh, there will be setbacks. There will be blows... Continue Reading →


>I came across this, Michael Hauge's take on characterisation which he pins down as Identity and Essence. (Skim down the liked page to find it).'He says:IDENTITY is the role that the protagonist adopts in life. It is donned as a form of armour, a protection against the vagaries of life, and is essentially the cicatrix... Continue Reading →

>E-books again

>This is probably going to be a fairly short post, as Dr Biren -- our Island GP -- has just done a house-call to check that I'm behaving myself. Which I suspect doesn't include sitting here and typing. I won't tell if you don't. My sense of humor is just a little less present than... Continue Reading →

>Sunday Morning Round-up

>I have to start by telling Dave he owes me a keyboard. Not only did I spew coffee all over it when I saw the pictures of poor bald Roly with his ugg boots, but Rocky (my rocks for brains but very loving collie mix) tried to jump into the laptop to see his new... Continue Reading →

>Do I Have to Write?

>Our guest blogger today is Ellie Ferguson. Ellie's novel, Wedding Bell Blues, is published by Naked Reader Press and is available from the N.R. site and Amazon. Let's give her a big welcome and make her feel at home. -- Amanda**Earlier this week, I did a blog over at The Naked Truth, Naked Reader's blog... Continue Reading →

>Emotional Resonance

> Emotional resonance seems a very subjective term to me. Like so many of the phrases you might see on a rejection slip. "Your characters lack emotional resonance". But what does it mean?Resonance. Well the Free Dictionary gives a few definitions, I guess the most relevant might be: Richness or significance, especially in evoking an... Continue Reading →

>Thee Prodigal Returneth

>I suppose I should start by apologizing for being rather scarce, except that I don't know when that's going to change - I might be back from the Epic Visit to Australia, but I'm still juggling the stress balls. At least I'm not having what I not-so-fondly refer to as stress meltdowns on a daily... Continue Reading →

>Beware, Toxic

>We’ve discussed before – I think – the absolute necessity for getting out of your head, now and then, and talking to real people, or at least those projections of real people that are various email and chat programs.Even if you have a real job – but particularly if you don’t – writing will warp... Continue Reading →

>Battles in Fantasy Books

>I'm using the cover of book three of King Rolen's Kin to talk about how violence is portrayed in fantasy books. Most often the character has some special skill, or is trained to have that skill and they get through encounters because of their ability.Wanting to get the battles, big and small, right (or as... Continue Reading →

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