>Open Thread

>Good morning, everyone, and welcome to the Saturday morning open thread. This is your chance to toss out questions, comments, and all sorts of stuff. Just remember, no spoiled fish or other stinky things. It is so hard to get the smell out of Blogger when you guys do that. Any way, there's been a... Continue Reading →

>Warm Ups

> I've gone back to exercising recently after a bit of a break, and despite my best efforts ended up tearing a muscle.I blame the Brisbane City Council bus service.Getting home and back out in time for Tae Know Do training is tight at the best of times. I usually end up five to ten... Continue Reading →

>Of Eminence and Grease

>Quick question: who is the most influential person in a typical company? Hint: it's not the boss. It's not the owner (unless the company is very small). It's probably not you, because the people who read this blog are mostly not into the whole making friends and influencing people thing, and people tend not to... Continue Reading →

>The Best Laid Plans

>Appropriate to do this, of course, on a day when I’m late posting. It’s not that I didn’t leave enough time to write last night. I did. My mind just refused to cooperate.Plans...I’ve heard no battle plan survives contact with the enemy. With me, no plan seems to survive contact with the real world.One of... Continue Reading →

>The Battle of the Apostrophe!

>Warning, Rant.What happened to teaching basic grammar in school?Many people seem to think that the possessive apostrophe is optional. Or they use it everywhere, just to be sure.'He see's a problem!' Gahhhh!Even if you weren't taught grammar in school, it is easy to learn. There are many helpful sites on the internet. Like this one.... Continue Reading →

>May you stay forever young

>The Golden Age of Science Fiction is supposed to be 15. And seriously the one thing our genre needs is the youth. It's been heading into the silver age, and rapidly toward the bald and toothless age for years now -- something evidenced by where money is being made: out of hardbacks. They're expensive, not... Continue Reading →

>It’s an Odyssey

>The general definition of an odyssey is an extended adventurous voyage or trip, or an intellectual or spiritual quest. If you've kept up with news from the publishing world this week, you'll probably agree with me that this profession is on an odyssey right now, on odyssey of exploration of new technologies, new relationships and... Continue Reading →

>Throw a fit

>(Let's give a big welcome to our guest blogger Pam Uphoff. Pam is a geologist, mother, Texan -- all right, I know. I should have put that first -- and is best known by those who frequent Baen's Bar as the slush reader extraordinaire.) Tessellation. It all has to fit together. There's a pattern and... Continue Reading →

>Holiday Writing

> OK I'm not talking about travel writing, where intrepid backpackers write to Lonely Planet about how the rice-wine is in the bamboo hut accommodation of the Cambodian rain forest. I'm also not talking about the writing you might do when you are on holidays - which for me is usually a combination of describing... Continue Reading →

>A Walk on the Shady Side

>A couple of weeks back, SFWA placed Night Shade Books on probation for a year, after authors who were having problems with the publisher contacted SFWA for help. What that means for hopeful authors is that we can't use novels published by them as credit for SFWA membership if we are bought in the next... Continue Reading →

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