>Who Are You Writing For?

>I came across a fantastic quote a few years ago - 'Write first for yourself and then for the rest of the world'. Another way to put this is 'Write first with the door open and then with the door closed'.For me this means that for the first draft of the story, or the book,... Continue Reading →

>Looking For The Six Fingered Man

>So, what if your character is really insane? In my last post I tackled the fact that “then the character went mad.” This “clever plot twist” annoys me so much that it’s garanteed to send the book against the wall.So, what if your character is insane? Can’t a character be insane? Is there some rule... Continue Reading →

>Renew your Creativity

>East Coast of Tasmania (Available from Desktop Pictures). Jeff Vandermeer has done a post on Revitalising your Creativity in your Private Booklife. This is particularly applicable for me right now. I’ve been working all day marking assignments, then I’ve come home and worked late into the night on the edits of my KRK books. Over... Continue Reading →


>"Don't cry for me,onion-cleaner..."Yes... tears on my keyboard (rather than my pillow). "It's not a good movie unless you have a good cry." (but same person will be bitter if there is not a kissy happily-ever-after ending.) Here is my basic contention - truly great books need to upset you emotionally, or at least stir... Continue Reading →

>Family Secrets

>First of all, a big thanks to Pam Uphoff for being our guest blogger yesterday. Great post, Pam, and it started me thinking. One of my "escapes" when I can't focus on the writing or -- groan -- when I have hit that point in editing when I know if I have to read one... Continue Reading →


>*Ladies and gentlemen, aliens and dragons, please extend a warm Mad Genius Club welcome to the were-slushreader, Pam Uphoff.*QuiltsWe hit the Houston International Quilt Festival a few months ago. It was, as always, terrific.Quilting is a pretty good metaphor for writing as well. All those little scraps in coordinating _and_ contrasting colors, carefully pieced together... Continue Reading →

>Spring Cleaning For The Mind

> Observing my own increasing trend for writing anywhere but actually in my home office - on the bus, in the park, in the cafe (bad for caffeine consumption!), I started to wonder if there might be something going on.It could not possibly be the stacks of old Locus, Australian Author and Queensland Writer's Centre... Continue Reading →

>I Demand That You Meet My Needs!

>I was wondering what to post today when I came across this piece. It seems the combination of altruism and wanting justice is so deeply built in it can be observed in babies. Me being me I immediately wondered if longitudinal studies would show a connection between the babies with least empathy and sociopathic behavior,... Continue Reading →

>Come to the Dark Side, Writer

>I know my colleague, Kate Paulk, has gone into the mind of the villain (come back, Kate, we have cookies. Besides, it’s scary in there) in a few posts, but one of our commenters asked about villains and it occurred to me there are other ways to tackle villains.Unlike Kate’s, my landing bridge in character-land... Continue Reading →

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