>The Young Man and The Sea

>I have a lot of memories of my father and I fishing. Now there is one important thing to note about this - we never, ever caught anything.My father used to fish with his father, and my Dad had a some sentimental notion of how nice it was to sit and fish. The difference was... Continue Reading →

>Process and the Writer

>Like pretty much anyone who works in just about any kind of paid job, I get a lot of stuff about process, methodology, and of course "best practices". At the same time, the posts here illustrate that for a writer, these concepts just flat don't apply. It's not that hard to understand: writing lives very... Continue Reading →

>Taking It To the Streets

>Dave talked about how to promote ourselves. Well, my blog tour seems to have helped with my current books, at least looking at Amazon numbers, for what that is worth.But I’m looking for ideas. I always am. When you’re a midlist writer in this economy, you have to do what you can and sometimes what... Continue Reading →

>Teachers who inspire us!

>In Australia last weekend was a long weekend. I spent the Saturday at my daughter's school (she's a student teacher) helping her clean her classroom/office. She is a specialist music teacher so she gets a little office to teach her students in. It's a lovely room, in that it has air conditioning and a new... Continue Reading →

>Favorite bookshops

>I remeber all to vividly that allure... that sheer voluptuous abundance, that could just never be mine. Oh how I desired it. Lusted for it... I am talking about a bookshop of course - as 21 year old South African staring into the wonder that was Forbidden Planet in London. There were more sf/fantasy books... Continue Reading →

>Sunday Round-Up

>I love this time of year. The trees are green. The grass is starting to grow. Wild flowers line the roadways. It's not so hot the kids in the neighborhood have taken refuge inside with their video games. However, there is a downside to it as well. My allergies are running rampant and that means... Continue Reading →

>Publishers On Notice

>The only time I've ever been involved in a car accident that left a car totalled, I was asleep. A drunk in a Corvette managed to slam into the back of my full-time 4WD Jeep Wagoneer while it was parked on the street at 3:00 AM, pushing it forward about twenty feet. As anyone with... Continue Reading →

>Idea of the Month Club

> One of the things that non-writers find it hardest to grasp is that ideas are not the problem. Its worse when you come head to head with someone who perhaps doesn't read all that much, or does not read in the speculative fiction area. You start rabbiting on about your book, and ten minutes... Continue Reading →

>Doing Battle With Demons

>Much as I would like this to be about writing actual warfare with demonic entities, it is alas rather more metaphorical. The demons in question are things that I live with on a day to day basis.Everyone has their personal demons. For some it's all things alcoholic, for others their health. Life - or perhaps... Continue Reading →

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