>Ups and Downs of Writing

>It has been a good news and bad news sort of week.First, I got a renewed contract and cheque in advance for editing - that was very good.Then I made a sale to Jean Rabe for an urban fantasy style short story in a rural setting. It will be published in a DAW anthology titled... Continue Reading →

>Past Lives in Fiction

> Ah. What a week! Apologies for being a little absent from the blogging. I had a three day short story Masterclass this week in Brisbane - part of the prize for the 2009 One Book Many Brisbanes short story competition. The Masterclass was excellent, and exhausting!Past Lives.Everybody has had past lives of some sort.... Continue Reading →

>Watching Yourself Go By

>Lately I’ve run into two or three beginner writers who have EARNESTLY informed me they’re writing what they’d like to read. They don’t care what anyone thinks. They’re writing for themselves first and foremost.Children, I’m here to tell you that unless you’re one of those sad people standing in public parks, talking to themselves, you... Continue Reading →

>Commas and me.

>I spent the last few days going through book one of King Rolen's Kin, doing the edits my UK editor had asked for.Before I sent off the manuscript I read and re-read it. I had my husband read it, then I corrected it. I had my son, the mad-keen fantasy reader, read it and then... Continue Reading →

>Sunday Round-up

>Most of you have already figured out that I'm a geek and the resident internet expert (tongue firmly planted in cheek). In other words, I have good google-fu and follow more blogs than is probably wise. Part of that is because I believe in being prepared and knowing all I can about any endeavor I'm... Continue Reading →

>Cheat Post – Beginnings

> Yes, that really is a picture of me (without the mustache).I'm cheating today, and following on from Kate's post, which certainly hit the mark at the moment. I am in the middle of trying to resurrect a few short stories that have not been sent out in an embarrassingly long time, and yes -... Continue Reading →

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