>Who Left the Door Open?

>Latest update (Jan 31) -- See BelowUpdated @ 4:35 CST -- See BelowMaybe it's the phase of the Moon. Maybe it's an alien virus that's caused it. But, whatever the case, the lunatics have escaped their rooms and are now running loose. Worse, one started the shouting and hysteria followed and I'm tired of it.What,... Continue Reading →

>What is Writing?

>This might sound like a rather obvious question, but for someone who tortures themselves trying to squeeze some writing time out of life between all the various other fires that need putting out, it’s a pretty important question.Is staring into space while musing over the plot of your latest bestseller writing? Is editing writing? Is... Continue Reading →

>You Might Be a Writer IF

>*I think I've done this here before, but I am still busilly being nepharious on the blog tour, so forgive me if I repeat myself. Fresh blather next week. Recycled blather this week!**This was the work of a post meeting party for my writers' group round about 2000. Because people came and went from the... Continue Reading →

>Algebra and Accounting …

>Okay, I know there are forums out there, where people write about mathematics, sometimes using mathematics to make a point simply because they love it.I have to state here, that I do not love maths.Over these holidays:I've had to set up the chart of accounts and do the entries for 2 Super Funds (Self managed... Continue Reading →

>A treacherous land

>Tomorrow is Australia Day, and very new Australian I find myself going to my very first Australia Day barbie on the beach up at Killiekrankie. I'm quite looking forward to it. It's a strange feeling as I have been withdrawing from the concept of patriotism to South Africa for the last few years - which... Continue Reading →

>Weekly Round-up

>As most of you know, I'm a proud owner of a Kindle and have been an advocate for e-books for years. I believe they are a major component in the future of publishing. I also believe that e-books, combined with the new opportunities presented by the internet, are a way more mid-list and new authors... Continue Reading →

>Where to get ideas

>This is a map of the galaxy by Samuel Arbesman which is repeated here without permission for review purposes.As you can see, it is drawn in the style of the London tube map. The current tube map style was devised by Beck in 1933 and was a graphic design breakthrough in the Beck used schematics... Continue Reading →

>Split Personalities

>It seems that being a writer requires that you split yourself into all these multiple personalities, most of which have opposite characteristics.You need to be introspective, happy with your own company (and happy being in your own head) most of the time. How else would you do the necessary hours to get the output you... Continue Reading →

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