>Exeunt the Annus Horribilis

>So, 2009 ends with a whine, which is probably pretty apt, all things considered. From my perspective - which is, admittedly, a wee tad biased, it's been a true Annus Horribilis (with options on a 'orrible anus as well) with the constant question of whether my day job will still be there, economic woes, the... Continue Reading →

>Science, Technology and Space Combat

>First let me wish everyone a very happy Boxing Day and hope you celebrate it in good company.Today's thoughts are about space combat as depicted in Science Fiction.Some SF Warships are set in a universe or science that is so different from today that no meaningful scientific analysis of their technology is possible. I wrote... Continue Reading →

>Life: a handy survival guide

>So, it's Christmas Eve, and all the usual pressure to post something appropriate to the season. But which season? It's summer in the Southern Hemisphere, and who knows what in other universes and timelines. I raise my middle finger in salute to the season, and instead offer some helpful guidelines to life in general, culled... Continue Reading →

>Shameless Self Promotion

>In which I post late, and then do a shameless bit of self promotion ;)Out now -- Gentleman Takes A Chance -- a dragon meets panther meets the unimaginable danger of a conspiracy of elder, more dangerous shifters:"I take it The George is closed?" Tom said, and raised his hand to rub at his forehead... Continue Reading →

>The elves have kidnapped Sarah

>and she's being forced to finish off the Christmas gifts for several universes, so it's open thread time.As usual, keep it away from political and other hot button topics, and have fun. If you want to speculate about how Sarah's characters would celebrate, feel free...

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