>Has Fantasy been Overworked?

>I came across this article by Guy Gavriel Kay, where he asks why write fantasies based on real historical events? Then he goes on to argue that the fantasy genre gives the writer more freedom to explore themes because it is a created world.I had to smile because this is the core of my Masters... Continue Reading →

>Why me, Lord?

>I'm busy putting together a story proposal with a possible co-author. Now Chris is fine writer in his own right and if we didn't share viewpoints and do things in a very similar way, I would never consider it... but it still exposes a lot of differences in the way we work. The principal one... Continue Reading →

>We come in peace: shoot to kill

>I have spent my life as a career research scientist with some modest degree of success. Science research is creative but hardnosed. Speculation is absolutely forbidden. Every statement must be backed by a reference or evidence, preferably with P values. A question that I keep being asked is why, out of all possible choices for... Continue Reading →

>Space Availabel

>For the last few months I've been unable to type "available" correctly on the first try. Usually an extra "l" sneaks in there, so I get "availalble" or some other variation. Why is this happening?A quick web search yielded no answers, only lots of complaints about typos in published work. Yeah, those bug me too.... Continue Reading →

>Naming the muse

>At a delightful school last week, three of us authors heard (twice, no less) the classic question from a middle-schooler: Where do you get your ideas? We've all heard this one a thousand times, of course. The Enlightenment poets pursued their muse with ceremonies and rituals. We writers of today trick ourselves by going to... Continue Reading →

>Dread Pirate Prologue

>As with books in the first person, I’ve heard again and again and again that you should not have a prologue. Prologues, they say, bore the reader and stop him or her reading.As someone who has done a lot of slush reading, I have one thing to say to that. Thp. Oh, even more than... Continue Reading →

>Point of View/ View Point

>Sarah's post on VP got me thinking.I read an awesome chapter on VP in Ursula Le Guin's 'Steering the Craft'. She wrote the one scene from several different points of view and I don't mean simply first person, third person and omniscient. I came away feeling I had really grasped the nuances of VP.I thoroughly... Continue Reading →

>I think I’m alive now…

>Apologies for chaos of last week... it's another example of what I was going to talk about... not just real life intervening (which is this trying thing that happens to all authors. tch. Shouldn't be allowed.) It was the intersection between life, observation, empathy and experience -- and the inner world of the writer. Now... Continue Reading →

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