Build Your Own Writing Block

I enjoy reading Kristine Kathryn Rusch's business blog posts, when I have the chance. They aren't always pertinent to me, and are often quite lengthy, but worth following. The quieter half of that partnership, Dean Wesley Smith, is more focused on other things, it seems, but when I see a new post from him I... Continue Reading →

Wagging the Tail

Sarah talked earlier this week about docking the tail of the writer. The long tail - the backlist of your books, that in theory will continue to sell forever, in the current publishing world - is something that as a writer, I intend to cultivate. For one thing, I don't have a huge fanbase. So... Continue Reading →

Entertainment and Amusement

I was thinking about this last night, when I wanted to escape from the world for an hour or two. I was in a sour mood, and sometimes being able to step into a book gives me the mental reset I need to regain my normal mental equilibrium... but the book I had been reading... Continue Reading →

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