A cozy proposition

As fall comes to the part of the world I live in, I’m beginning to think of soups and warm blankets and curling up by the fire. Things that make you feel safe, secure, and insulated from the harshness of the world outdoors. Perhaps it’s this, combined with my drawing prompt earlier this week, that... Continue Reading →

Campfire Sparks

I'm exhausted. I know I've written enough essays here, and on my personal blog, about fatigue and it's detrimental effect on the human mind, that I don't need nor want to rehash that all again. Suffice it to say, I can haz a dumb. I'm forty hours into a fifty hour workweek and by the... Continue Reading →

What Goes in…

A while back I'd gotten a question, I replied quickly, because I have no time these days to make lengthy, well-reasoned responses happen, and I moved on. But it came back to me today, when I was sitting here staring at the blinking cursor for an inordinate amount of time, trying to think of what... Continue Reading →

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