Driving Productivity

And I don't mean in a vehicle. Although I got some excellent news to close out July! My youngest daughter passed her driving test. She'd put it off, and off, because she was afraid of failing, or of getting in an accident, or... something. Finally, the last straw was that she really needed to drive... Continue Reading →

Mental Exercise

My legs are sore. Back, too, for that matter. I've been working on getting back in shape. I started on easy mode - even if I were inclined to join a gym, that's not an option currently. No, I've been walking instead. I was invited by an old friend and my sister to join a... Continue Reading →


Sometimes I have to make myself write what I  don't want to. The stuff that makes up the structure, but isn't fun, or exciting, or what I'm in the mood for. This last week, talking to Dorothy Grant about her latest (coming soon, I got an advanced glimpse) and thinking about how much she has... Continue Reading →

Success Breeds Success

It seems like a trite observation, but if you think about it, there’s a lot of truth to it, as there is with so many sayings we dismiss as ‘trite’ or ‘overused’ or ‘cliche.’ Think about it both in terms of storytelling as a writer, and in terms of business as a writer. Remember Dumbo’s... Continue Reading →

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