Toast, Don’t Bite That

There are days I feel like my head is full of fluff and bother. This is one of those days. For one thing, I slept in. Even now, sitting upright at my desk, I would like to go back to bed. However. I have this post to write, conflicting times on an obligation midday today,... Continue Reading →

Homo Sapiens ad Astra and the Butterfly

This is a republication of an article I wrote on my blog a while back. It bears repeating to the Mad Genii, as it is directly related to writing science fiction. We change, on the most fundamental level. We change in an astonishingly short time, and that change is not limited to butterflies. Humans adapt... Continue Reading →

Housekeeping… In Space

I woke up this morning to hair all over my face (not an unusual occurrence, since it's mid-back length) and a shock of memory. I'd meant to do MGC yesterday, with a special interview I've been planning for weeks, and again I'd let myself get sidetracked into life's minutiae and it didn't get done. So... Continue Reading →

Happy Rabbit Trails

It's cool this morning, and I slipped out of bed and bundled up in layers before letting the dog out, and standing in the open doorway to listen to a bird singing in the hedgerow. It was raining not too long ago - the sound of it on the roof woke me - and there... Continue Reading →

Bow Wow Meow?

Just a few moments ago I rolled over, looked out the bedroom window, and thought "the sky is aflame... wait, I couldn't write that because it could be taken in other ways than the sky was lit up by the sunrise in brilliant pinks and oranges holy crap I have to do Mad Genius." I... Continue Reading →

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