Hitting the Restart Button

Just a couple of days before leaving for LTUE I finished the accidental novel. I'd set a mental goal of 'done before the con' and I was elated to get it finished, and off to beta readers, before I left on the trip. During the trip, beta comments trickled in. I love my readers, and... Continue Reading →

Guest Post: Creating a Wiki

I was talking to Rob a while back and he told me about the wiki he'd created for his then newborn epic fantasy series. I'd looked it it, thought "that's a lot of work..." But when it came up again as we were talking about books (his third is about to come out, release party... Continue Reading →

Loose Ends

Life is all about uncertainties. Fiction, on the other hand, is required to make sense, or your readers throw things (like your book) at you. I was contemplating this as I was driving today, loose ends, and the raveling up of said threads, taking the untidy things and tucking them neatly into the tapestry of... Continue Reading →

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