Driving Productivity

And I don't mean in a vehicle. Although I got some excellent news to close out July! My youngest daughter passed her driving test. She'd put it off, and off, because she was afraid of failing, or of getting in an accident, or... something. Finally, the last straw was that she really needed to drive... Continue Reading →

A Bit of Mental Exercise

  Good Well, ok, it's a morning.¬† Between kids, chaos, and still not recovering from whatever crud has it's tendrils into my lungs, I'm sorry, I didn't get a coherent and witty post written up for today, you're getting a recycled¬† re-purposed post. I did find the pulp magazine covers, which amused me. How much... Continue Reading →

Uncorking the Genie

We're all familiar with writer's block, even those of us who aren't writers. What, you never dreaded a school paper just because you didn't know what to say? At least with a research paper, or a book report, there's a kernel of... something there. With fiction it's both easier and harder. Easier because, as you... Continue Reading →

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