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Blood Moon Setting

Rising on the other coast. Here in Ohio, I was able to get about half of the Blood Moon…

Ironic that on this day, which we have been anticipating for a while, there would be a full lunar eclipse of the sort called a Blood Moon.

Since I have nothing to say about the Hugo Nominations, as they don’t occur until 12:00 Pacific Time, here are photos taken early (too early… need coffee…) this morning of the Blood Moon. The set proceeds from no visible eclipse to about midpoint, when it set.

And I will be back at Nomination time to talk about them as it happens. In the meanwhile, feel free to comment, I’ll be hanging around to indulge in idle speculation with you. If you’re looking for reading material or conversation starters on the topic:

Dance a Little Side-step Our own Amanda Green talks about this post, which the writer now claims wasn’t political. Really? Then why did he use a variation of the word eleven times in the body of the post? We did read it, you know, and we do comprehend English.

Brad Torgerson reiterates the importance of voting in the Hugo’s based on honest assessments of the work nominated, not simply voting with the clique.

Speaking of voting, you (yes, you, whoever you are. Doesn’t matter what your chemical make-up, if you read and enjoy SFF, we want YOU) can still vote in the Hugo Award selections. We encourage you to get out and vote. For the price of a trip to the movies (with popcorn, candy and a drink) you can get the big old packet of goodies with plenty of reading material to keep you happy, and you can have a say in the winners. What could be better than that? Click here, scroll a little until you see supporting, and click on that.


Full Moon

lunar eclipse 2015

Just a smudge…

lunar eclipse 2015

Enough to give it color

lunar eclipse 2015

So pretty

lunar eclipse 2015

Just hitting the horizon (the building down the street from me, anyway).

lunar eclipse 2015

Pulled back shot so you can see the horizon as it set. The sun was rising behind me.