Out of the dumpster fire of the last couple of years, the phoenix rises. This may not be the firebird we want, but it is the firebird we deserve. On the shimmering heat of the burning trash, it rises, and with it, we have hope for a bright new future in 2023. No matter what... Continue Reading →

Driving Productivity

And I don't mean in a vehicle. Although I got some excellent news to close out July! My youngest daughter passed her driving test. She'd put it off, and off, because she was afraid of failing, or of getting in an accident, or... something. Finally, the last straw was that she really needed to drive... Continue Reading →

Mental Exercise

My legs are sore. Back, too, for that matter. I've been working on getting back in shape. I started on easy mode - even if I were inclined to join a gym, that's not an option currently. No, I've been walking instead. I was invited by an old friend and my sister to join a... Continue Reading →


You won't be successful at writing.  You will never be successful at writing as long as you measure yourself against someone else's yardstick. Your success has to be yours, no one else's. You can't write like Heinlein/Correia/Nuttall - only they can (or could, since I don't think zombie Heinlein actually exists, no matter what Sarah... Continue Reading →

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