Putting the Sci in SciFi

I keep an eye on some aggregate news sources for the weird and wonderful coming out of the fields of science. It fan be a fantastic (heh) way to generate story ideas. For the truly absurd, check out the igNoble awards annually. For story ideas, how about this one: imagine a world where Lydia the... Continue Reading →

Driving Dys Topia

I'm not a fan of doom and gloom. My daughter and I were having a conversation about song lyrics after seeing a pithy sign that reminded us of poetry, and that segued into stories. She informed me she likes melancholy 'edgy' music and reading. I said, as I parked and got out of the car,... Continue Reading →

The Luddites are Winning

I came across an interesting article earlier that sparked my thinking. It seems that the President of the European Commission usually has a chief scientific advisor. The role of this office is to advise on any topic having to do with science and technology. However, bowing to pressure from groups like Greenpeace, the EC has... Continue Reading →

Space Pioneer

by Dave Freer Space Pioneer... No, actually I am not referring to Mack Reynolds 1965 novel - although it might be fun to garner the modern left wing response to a novel about colonization... before explaining that it was written a lifelong member of the America Socialist Labor Party, the son of its Vice Presidential... Continue Reading →

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