Writer, Market, Reader

What makes a writer? it seems obvious that a writer is someone who writes. Which would then follow that a professional writer is someone who is paid to write? But, oh, what is a real writer? Now there we get into the area some people want to draw lines. Or in other words, the battle... Continue Reading →

a Pro at a Con

What follows is a guest post from the ever-enthusiastic and energetic James Young. I haven't done an event of this size as an author, but I have done this sort of thing as an entertainer, and I concur with him on most if not all points - especially being able to accept credit cards, and... Continue Reading →

Mud, Glorious Mud…

“Mud, mud, glorious mud, Nothing quite like it for cooling the blood.” Flanders and Swann – The Hippopotamus’s Song So come let us wallow… Now a few weeks ago I wrote of the poor fellow who decried the terrible tragic sinking into the swamp, the morass of self-published drekk, where jewels (such, naturally, as his... Continue Reading →

Public Face

This is Cedar, posting for Kate. Kate staggered into the Mad Genius Club yesterday evening, looked around and asked for help - she'd had a rough day at work and her brain was fried. I looked around, Sarah and Amanda were busy elsewhere, Dave is incommunicado… so I volunteered. You know what they say about... Continue Reading →

Bought and Paid For

Sometimes I see a review on Amazon that makes me do the puppy thing - you know, cock my head and make that little “baroo?” noise. Amanda shared a link to a book with an improbably high original price (marked down to free, for now, though) and seriously questionable antecedents, and after I laughed at... Continue Reading →

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