Write Short, Get Paid Twice

I jokingly suggested to Lawdog and CV Walter (Publisher and Editor at Raconteur Press, respectively) that this should be the unofficial motto of Raconteur. I think the official one is 'Have Fun, Get Paid!' but that's just their attitude about writing and storytelling in general. And I join them in that, as well as being... Continue Reading →

How to Anthology: Part 2

Much has changed since last I sat at my keyboard to write the first part of this mini-series on editing and publishing anthologies as an Indie. The convention weekend was fantastic, for many reasons. One? I leveled up as a publisher. I now have someone I'm working with to administer the anthologies. So unlike my... Continue Reading →

That’s my Secret

I'm tired, first of all. Secondly, I'm always tired. And finally, that means that when I'm writing, I'm writing through a fog of fatigue. This is... not always true. Sometimes, briefly, I am not feeling tired and I am usually dictating in my car on the way to work when that happens. I have to... Continue Reading →

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