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Posts by Blake Smith

In the Beginning…

A lot of my writerly acquaintances/friends/family have their own ‘origin story’ that is fascinating to me. They say things like, “I knew I wanted to be a writer since I was a little kid,” or, “I’ve always told stories and made up my own worlds.”

My origin story resembles these only if you turn your head and squint. I liked to make up stories- my stuffed animals went on all kinds of improbable adventures- and I wrote a certain amount of fanfiction- mostly in my head. I have one world in particular that drifted away from the source material so much that I need to get it down on paper and publish; it’s a crime that it’s sitting there, doing nothing. Read more

Launch Day! Sort of…

So, remember that book that wasn’t out as of last week? It’s here! Actually, it’s been up on Amazon for a couple of days, but I’ve been putting down wood flooring and traveling across the country to spend some time with family for Christmas. So this post is a tad overdue. Read more

A Post. Really. It Even Has Links

For the last couple months, I’ve been pretty good about having something ready to post every other Wednesday afternoon. This week, not so much. I thought I’d have a book ready to go and could do a promo post, but things happen and it’ll probably be ready by the end of the week. Read more

Writer’s Guide to Horses Part X

Traveling with and by horse

Most modern horses don’t have to go from Point A to Point B on their own legs; that’s what horse trailers are for. But until the development of cars starting in the late 1800s, nearly everyone traveled on horseback or by carriage if they were going any great distance. Quite a turnabout- horses used to haul us around; now we haul them around. Read more

Writer’s Guide to Horses Part IX

Harnessing and Driving

For much of history, horses were mostly used as draft and driving animals. Read more

A Writer’s Guide to Horses Part VIII

Feeding and Housing

There can be enormous difference between what a horse is supposed to eat, and what a horse will eat, given half a chance. One of my childhood horses ate a banana peel when it was offered. She was only supposed to sniff it, but apparently thought it smelled good enough to eat. I’ve also heard stories of horses eating cheeseburgers and drinking Diet Cokes, but most of a horse’s caloric intake comes from other, more normal sources. Read more

A Writer’s Guide to Horses Part VII

Horse people are occasionally surprised that horses remain a viable species. They’re subject to as many illnesses as any other species, and some individuals require very specialized care. Read more