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Posts by Blake Smith

A Double Edged Sword

I’ve been adding to the Garia Cycle in my spare time. The first book,  A Kingdom of Glass, was my first publication. It shows, and that’s part of why I’ve put the series on the back burner; it doesn’t have many fans who’ll get wound up if they have to wait for the next book (also, the next book refuses to cooperate, even when plied with large amounts of caffeine. Later books are coming along just fine). Read more

From the Author’s Bookshelf

Recently, I’ve been reading the collected short stories of Pat McManus, because I needed something light and funny. For those of the audience who aren’t familiar with this author, Patrick F. McManus was a writer of short, humorous stories that mostly deal with the outdoors- hunting, fishing, camping, and the like. He was born during the Great Depression and died about a year ago, having written ten or so collections of shorts that mostly started out as articles in outdoor magazines, as well as a series of crime novels. He also taught creative writing and journalism, back when that actually meant something.

But as I said, he died last year. So, why the eulogy? Well, it’s partly because I’m rereading his works now. Also, I finally persuaded my husband to pick up my copy of Never Sniff a Gift Fish. I wasn’t sure if it’d be to his taste, but he seems to enjoy the stories, so, having corrupted the only other human I see on a regular basis, I’m now searching for new and innocent minds. You guys fit the bill. Okay, maybe not the ‘innocent’ part, but close enough. Read more

The Strangeness of It All

If you’ve been following my adventures, you already know that I recently traveled overseas for a week. If you didn’t know that, welcome to the mayhem!

Lest you have any doubts, the trip was amazing. We got all of our catastrophes out of the way before it even began (missed our flight and had to do an eleventh hour rescue to get another one) so the rest of it went pretty smoothly. I got to see a neat little microcosm of northern Portugal, had some experience in ‘how the other half lives’ in more ways than one, and oh, yes, had a second wedding. Read more

A Never-Ending Story

We’ve all watched that TV show or read that series that never seems to end. It just metastasizes out of control and usually spirals down, down, down until finally the writer gets the hint or the network decides not to review it for another season. Read more


Everyone has a different breaking point.

No, I’m not quitting writing, or anything else in life. This observation comes from my first ride on a new horse. Read more

Listening In

Yesterday was a day of traveling, and today I’m pretty wiped out (we didn’t get home until late). But I was reading Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales on the plane, and something interesting occurred to me. Read more

Creative Interests and What to Do About Them

I was talking with Sarah a couple days ago, and in the midst of a rather elliptical conversation- is there any other kind?- I mentioned that I don’t understand how people can live without having creative interests. But apparently there are people in the world who get up, go to work, come home, go to bed, and get up and do the same thing the next day. Sometimes they go to the gym or watch a show on TV, if they need a little variety. But they never make anything, and they rarely take up a new hobby or interest. How boring.

Perhaps I’m being unfair. Read more