Writing is hard

I’m still in England, last few days. I had to write this post this morning, with no real idea what I would write about.  So I asked my son what I write about writing? His answer: “Tell them writing is hard.” Well, there you have it. Writing is hard. Except it isn’t. Any damn fool... Continue Reading →

Clear Objectives

This weekend, I had a simple, clear objective: have a relaxing vacation. Who knew relaxation would hurt this much? On the bright and shiny side, the museum my husband wanted to see was amazing enough that I lingered over the oral histories and the displays long enough that I really, really should have taken a... Continue Reading →

A cozy proposition

As fall comes to the part of the world I live in, I’m beginning to think of soups and warm blankets and curling up by the fire. Things that make you feel safe, secure, and insulated from the harshness of the world outdoors. Perhaps it’s this, combined with my drawing prompt earlier this week, that... Continue Reading →

Getting back on the bicycle

Over this summer, in between the unavoidable interruptions of Real Life, I had begun to wonder if I was really going to write this book or if I would simply spend the rest of my life taking notes about Renaissance Italy and the Turkey of Mehmed II. Then things began to fall into place. The... Continue Reading →

An Anniversary Story

[--- Karen Myers ---] 10 years ago, on October 9, I indie-published To Carry the Horn, the first book of a fantasy series. This wasn’t the culmination of a long-standing dream with lots of childhood wishes, false starts, and abandoned projects. No, it was my very first bit of story-telling, ever. I skipped the “childhood... Continue Reading →

Get Off My Lawn

Lately I've been feeling as though I come from a long lost world. Over the last 20 years or so in the field, I've amassed 30 something published novels. Used to be this was a record that spoke for itself, but in a con.... five years? ago, I found myself giving my bio and the... Continue Reading →

The more things change. . .

The more they stay the same. Which is another way of saying always read the fine print, be prepared to zig when you really want to zag, and always do your research. In other words, today's post is going to be a bit of a hodge-podge of topics that I came across last night and... Continue Reading →

Being There

One of the small perks from writing a lot of sf/fantasy is… well, the scene is imaginary. Yes, there are exceptions, near future, Alt history. Yes, you need some level of plausibility – my worst was a fantasy society of pacifist female knights, living amicably in castles on an island with no visible form of... Continue Reading →

It came from the fridge

A friend was relating the to-her horrifying tale of a young bachelor trying to convince his girlfriend that mustard counted as a vegetable. I failed to provide the correct response, as whatever she expected me to say, it wasn't, "Of course he would! What does a bachelor fridge look like? 37 condiments, two sprouting onions,... Continue Reading →

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