Time Travelers Contact Department U . . .

Call it a writing prompt--nothing to do with being clueless about what to write--honest! Time Travel Now, how many nations do you think have a special department all fixed up and waiting for the arrival of someone from the future? And what would this (hopefully, really, really boring) department do? Let's see. Surely the US... Continue Reading →

Non-player characters (NPCs) in your fiction

[--- Karen Myers ---] Sometimes, in our zeal not to inflict too many characters on our readers, we forget that characters-as-scenery still have a role to play. The image above is one of my real-life non-player characters, as rendered by a simple MidJourney AI image prompt [MidJourney has some challenges rendering animals....]. He's a shrew,... Continue Reading →

It’s All True

Lately I've been hearing a lot of talk about how women were not allowed to write science fiction/fantasy before some date. The date varies, but I've heard anything from the mid- nineties to 2010. And then Scientific American blew the entire thing wide open. Well, almost. They were still slightly wrong. Or cowardly. Perhaps I'm... Continue Reading →

Blind Spots Abound

There are times when you can only sit back and shake your head at the antics of members of the human race. Yesterday was one of those times for me. What really made me want to jump into the fray with both feet was the idiocy began with the promotion of a friend's book about... Continue Reading →

Look at me…

I took a photograph of my face once. That was a waste of a perfectly good camera. It's never been the same, since -- the camera, not the face, I mean. How would I know what has happened to that? The hair is changing color, I think. Actually, if you want to know the story... Continue Reading →

Experimental Books

Sometimes you have to experiment a little. So that's what this is. Earlier this month I launched Fantasy Treehouse Art & Architecture, which is an art book, a coloring book, a design idea book... and it's got fairies. I had a lot of fun putting the project together, but ultimately? It's a very niche book,... Continue Reading →

The reader is your partner

[--- Karen Myers ---] Every so often I reread a wonderful book:¬†Understanding Comics, by Scott McCloud. If you've never read it, stop reading this post right now and remedy the situation. I'll wait. Don't let the fact that he's talking about illustrated work disturb you. His take on how to tell stories is directly related... Continue Reading →

The Perils of Adaptations

This was originally about the perils of prequels, then I thought about it- surprise!- and realized that many of the struggles writers face in creating prequels also apply to adapting a known work into a different media. So this is going to bounce around between books, movies, and TV a bit, and I might even... Continue Reading →

Running on Crocs

So, how about Paypal? Great, uh? Overnight, it becomes unstable enough that I'm not sure what to do. Because some of my contracts with small presses pay specifically through paypal. Except, of course, for the press that Paypal suddenly noped a year and a half ago, and who now pays by check. I wish the... Continue Reading →

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