Try, Try Again

I've recently discovered the concept of 'try-fail cycles' in writing. Like many things, I knew this existed for a long time before I learned exactly why it's important or had the vocabulary to describe it. Okay, that last bit is debatable. I've been winging these blog posts for four- I think?- years; I'm not about... Continue Reading →

Just Sign on the Dotted Line

You should always very carefully read any contract you are a party to, that goes without saying. These days it applies particularly to contracts with traditional publishing. In fact, you probably should get a lawyer, because trad pub has been learning their tricks from another gentleman who also offers amazing deals and smells ever so... Continue Reading →

Busy, Busy

Sorry, everyone. I’m on the last leg of making sure Foil of the Gods for release next week. So I am leaving the floor to you guys this morning. I’ll try to come back with a post this afternoon. In the meantime, don’t make too much of a mess here. Recommendations for posts will be very welcome.... Continue Reading →

Save the Dragons

Just over twelve years ago, we were in the throes of emigrating from South Africa to this little island off the coast of Tasmania. It was a nightmarish, expensive bureaucratic process, that was actually very hard, aside from uprooting your whole life to move across the world to a little island where you knew no-one.... Continue Reading →

This week I learned:

1. How to weed-whack. Calmer Half got an electric one that's light enough, and low-vibration enough, I can manage it even with all the old injuries. 2. That weedwhacking is a severe forearm workout. Ouch. Even splitting it over multiple days and switching hands, I still have a third of the fenceline to go before... Continue Reading →

The Resurrection of Pulp

I’m at FantaSci 2022 this weekend, reporting from Raleigh, North Carolina. Even as I speak, with only Thursday for Precon, and Friday of the con, I’m having a blast, and I have two more days of this to go. This post isn’t going to be about the con, necessarily, as I plan a full AAR... Continue Reading →

Alas, Poor Trad Publishing

The last week or so has been anything but smooth sailing for traditional publishing. You could almost believe the success of Brandon Sanderson's oh so successful Kickstarter campaign kicked off a time of bad press and potentially horrible decisions by trad publishing that will have a long-lasting impact on the industry for not only editors... Continue Reading →

A bear of small brain

Alas. I had just thought of something interesting and insightful to post and I was distracted by the sight of the dog we're baby-sitting having a staring contest with an Australian magpie on the porch. My mind, ever ready to say 'oh, squirrel' got involved in the staring match... and now I can't remember what... Continue Reading →

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