Dear Diary

...What a week it has been. Not just in the world sense, but also, well, I just welcomed my first grandchild into the world. I'd like him to have a good world. I am deeply grateful not to have him in a place where gunfire and screaming are his lullaby. Where pain, hunger, rage and... Continue Reading →

Home Again

The objective of travelling is to arrive back where you began, and see the place anew, as if for the first time... Sometimes you don't even have to go home to do that. Like watching friends get married - reminds us of nothing as much as how we've struggled our way together and through these... Continue Reading →

Why Romance By C.V. Walter

Why Romance By C.V. Walter I was going to write something in defense of Romance as a genre but I think I’ll tell a story instead. In 1980, when Dave walked in for an interview at a warehouse, he really didn’t want that job. He’d just dropped out of college to support his mother who... Continue Reading →

And Then The Evil Twin

I was talking to my husband this morning -- a bad habit, I know, but we were getting dressed after showering and it seems so weird to do it in total silence -- about fan fic, comics, soap operas and evil twins. Or good twins. Well, twins, at any rate. The truth is any type... Continue Reading →

New Book From Alma Boykin!

Familiar Paths Arthur goes Hunting . . . and Kelly Boudreaux (and Stead) go on vacation. Seven stories both Familiar and new. Arthur must deal with both family tension and the undead as Martha shelters the Lone Hunter from storms outside and in. Deborah learns more about her roots (and berries, and stems.) Kelly and... Continue Reading →

Why climb that mountain?

It's dusk, and all I can see is tattered, shredded dark clouds against the last dusty orange-pink of a sky paling into purple blackness, with the flat line of a dark sea and the silhouette of dark cape thrusting out into it, with a solitary point of light near the end of it. Working, as... Continue Reading →

Roses, Part 3

Part 1 here and Part 2 here: Gunny was clearly slowing down. AJ shouldered him out of the way and finished the edge of the bed where he'd been digging, while the older man straightened painfully and groaned. "The things we do for women." That set AJ laughing hard enough Gunny noticed, and just waited... Continue Reading →


I find it ironic that the new WordPress editor starts out a blank post with 'Type to choose a block' when that's what I wanted to write about. Being blocked. I was sitting here staring at the wall, thinking about blocks, children's blocks, the wooden blocks my Dad used to make for us kids... odds... Continue Reading →

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