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Apologies to Jason for top-posting on him but I wanted to ask everyone to send all their good thoughts and prayers out. I just had a text from Sarah. She is currently in the ER. No diagnosis yet but there is the possibility of a heart attack. I will update this post as I get further information. In the meantime, I know she and the rest of her family would appreciate your prayers and positive thoughts.

Update (1515 CST)

I just spoke with Sarah. They are going to keep her overnight for observation. She sent her thanks for all the thoughts and prayers. I’ll post another update when I know more. Keep the good thoughts going. Thanks!

Update 2

Check out Sarah’s blog for more information. She has updated what’s going on. Of course, we may all have to gather to sit on her to keep her in the hospital until the doctors say she is ready to come home. She is just a tad stubborn. VBG.

Update 3 — Saturday Morning

I just spoke with Sarah and she said to assure you reprobates that she is feeling better. Being Sarah, she wants out of the hospital NOW. I reminded her that there are enough of us willing to come tie her to the bed that she might want to reconsider. In the meantime, she has a battery of tests to go through. Her doctors want to make sure they find the root cause of what happened and get it treated once and for all.
For now, she is comfortable and chafing at the bit. I’ll update again when I know more.