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So, I completely forgot today was Wednesday.  Right, like that never happens to you.  What, it doesn’t?

Fine, my excuses are virus, geiser, cat, surgery.  The virus only marginally hit me, but it went through the entire family like something that goes through the entire family; the geiser was in the downstairs bathroom — thank Heavens from the faucet not the drain.  We’ve had that before — and husband fixed it, but it made me spend an afternoon in panic going “Oh no, oh no, oh no, am I going to have to go to a hotel”; the surgery happened to the cat, but it had to be repeated once already because the sutures didn’t hold.

Anyway, so you can tell it’s already been an eventful first month week of the year and why I’d completely forget it was Wednesday until I woke up this morning.

Which brings me to this post and what I’m doing:

I’ve been writing a 13 week series for PJ Media called Selling Your Writing in 13 weeks.  Some of you probably have heard of it.  However, it’s hard as heck to hunt down all the links.  Alert Reader Mike Barker has done that for me, (there might be a couple missing?) so I’m going to paste the links below.

The series is missing two supplemental posts which I’m turning in today: how to write proposals (for traditional) and how to do covers (now I’ve had THE workshop.)  So — I’ll add those links when they’re published (probably later this week) as an update.  But this gives you an easy place to refer to for what is going on and what I advise.  Your mileage may vary; it will probably be different next month; and feel free to ask questions!

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  1. You ought to collect and republish these, when you’re done. Depending on your contract with PJM, of course. In your copious spare time. (sarcasm on last sentence only!)

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